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I am always AMAZED by the trust that my clients put in me when deciding to book me form another state. I’m currently typing this at my home in Rhode Island as Cristina and Miguel get ready for their big day in FLORIDA. I spent the morning packing my bags, doing laundry and cleaning before tomorrow’s early morning flight to Florida (with a layover in Philly for that La Colombe coffee of course!).

When I first met Cristina and Miguel, we hit it off right away. I remember hanging up from our very first telephone conversation thinking “My kinda people.” We laughed a lot as I explained the booking process and I just knew that this was going to be an adventure.

Fast forward a couple months to November. I came to Florida to visit my family and drove down to Indiantown to photograph these two at their wedding venue giving us the perfect opportunity to FINALLY meet in person.

Even though Miguel was fighting a cold (what a trooper) and we had a 2.5 hour drive home ahead of us that night, we decided to sit down and have dinner together anyway. Friends, I cannot tell you how much we laughed again that night. After listening to Cristina and Miguel take turns sharing the story of how they met and all about their rainy Disney proposal, my heart was so full. The love Miguel has for Cristina is evident in every way.

I left this engagement session feeling so grateful that somehow, someway, an Instagram hashtag led Cristina to discover me. I know that this week is going to be an incredible one for the both of them. Cristina and Miguel, I cannot wait to get down there and celebrate with you both. See you soon!!

In the meantime… enjoy this throwback!

Venue: Ever After Farms Wedding Barns (Ranch barn)


    • Haha you’re so sweet. Yes I truly am blessed to have clients from all over. It makes the job so much fun!

  • Ahhh I love Florida sessions, it always feels so good to get out of the cold. The light is absolutely stunning against the spanish moss.

    • Yes!! Spanish moss + the light is my favorite thing about florida sessions too… can’t wait to create more magic this week- but this time in their wedding attire!

  • Absolutely gorgeous farm wedding engagement session! Love the fall colors and greenery!

    • Thank you!! Love that time of year in Florida, not too hot and not too cold.

  • What a gorgeous wedding venue. Can’t wait to see the photos you take for their wedding, enjoy your escape from the cold!!

    • Thank you!!! It was a lovely day! I will be sure to share more once I have the wedding photos ready.

    • Thank you!! Always nice to have a fellow photographer’s perspective!


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